Info: EXIF Sync Crack Mac is the ultimate tool for correcting EXIF time in images from various sources. Modern digital cameras store information about the time of each shot directly in the image files. This data is used e.g. To sort photos in the correct order.

People often use multiple cameras to photograph the same event, such as an exhibition, party or trip. Each of the cameras used may have a different date and time, and it may be difficult to combine a series of photos taken by different cameras for continuous shooting.

The ability to easily correct date and time data is also important if you want to:

  • Upload photos to online image storage and sharing services.
  • Store and sort images files on your computer.
  • Use image organizers that keep your images sorted according to the date when the shots were taken.
  • Take pictures without worrying about your camera’s time settings

With EXIF Sync Crack Mac, correcting time records is no longer a problem — EXIF Sync Full Version also allows you to align the times of shots taken with different cameras in just a few clicks. The date and time data will be changed in the image files themselves.

What’s new in EXIF Sync Crack Mac?

Version 1.9.2:

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  • Supported hardware: Intel or PowerPC Mac.